this truly is a work of art, the author clearly comveys a strong and powerful message should be heard around the globe.

Result #1

Thierry de Duve, the author of the great catalogue raisonné, has already expressed a certain familiarity with the subject and hopes to see it represented in his forthcoming book. If, as de Duve seems to imply, the work has entered its most exalted zone of artistic development in the near future, it will undoubtedly find new meanings for it, perhaps quite different from what the philosopher has termed the geometrically complicated symphony that covers the historical moment of the world at large.

Result #2

How significant a contribution is it to give a popular show like this one? Not much. But a show as important as the One Class show can have a more salient impact, both because it has resonance and because it is an extremely good and accurate example of the best of art done today. I hope that M. Peinado will be able to carry on his work in a more sensitive form, that of a show that doesnt make me want to throw up and leave the gallery. It is a reality that challenges, challenges us as artists and as people, but that doesnt make us think that we have to leave it behind. With the help of Gabrielle Romano, a writer and a critic, Peinados show stands as an excellent and effective tribute to the artist.

Result #3

It seems even more shocking that he would have been led to use such a familiar language—in his case, English—in such a complicated way. Even more surprising is that the message was all but lost in the encoded iniigence of the installation, a type of repressed desire to be found in language itself. In my mind, this is the ultimate betrayal, the abandonment of the very possibility of speech.

Result #4

The fact that it is presented in a format that is exotic in its ability to alienate the viewer from his/her own physical self and effectively submerge him/her in a mirage of all-too-human mystery is also an important part of this experience.

Result #5

Unfortunately, since he is already a member of a powerful international art movement (E. F. Spengler is the unofficial author of the Declaration of a New Art Movement), this need for some kind of resolution is almost assured. The art of the future will be like the present: an uneven world.

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