Lucas' work talks about diverse textures, noises, composition, tensions, mystery and altered states of consciousness. Different means and ways are used to explore these aspects. In a brutal and chaotic way, it seeks to find an order in chance, a meaning for all the complexity of life. Hidden messages, hidden frequency of things.

Result #1

Nature, humanity, the spirit. And the desire to communicate.

Result #2

An extremely precise, scientific language, an absolute language of the good, which seems to present itself as a perfect order.

Result #3

That's what makes them interesting. The images also reflect the artists loss of the memory of his childhood, a loss that was linked to the totalitarianism of Nazism. His memory is replaced by a vague, fragmented image that reaches out to us with a visual presence. It is a death mask. It covers our faces, hides in our hearts. But it has a face that we can recognize. The mask is that of an angel. It's the face of the one who, in the presence of the human race, takes on the role of the representative of all humanity.

Result #4

In a poetic way, she says, these are the manifestations of our inner psyche, and they are united in the female body.

Result #5

The artist has not sought to become a mystic, he is a philosopher, but he remains a voice of reason, with the power to make us see the world anew.

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