I think this art is bad and it makes me want to fart

Result #1

I think this art is bad and it makes me want to fart. Not only does it make me a guy who is sexually frustrated by the persistent refusal of his female admirers, but it also makes me a bad writer. I am told that after making numerous phone calls to the gallery, they finally gave in and agreed to take some of the questions.I am not suggesting that I am hostile to writing or to the idea of a critique, but merely that I believe in the deference which the art world has given to its own deference. If anything, I wish the critics were more alert to the issues presented in their work. If they are not, and if they are really sensitive, they might consider replacing their mottled, garish work with a more suitable model such as, say, Dan Christensen or Warren Tenney.This, at least, is the suggestion of Jacqueline M. Rosenberg, an excellent critic in residence at the UCLA Hammer School of Art, who wrote a paean to the 19th-century housepainters of California, including Edward Hopper, who used his craft to criticize their society, and a great deal more generally. As Rosenbergs text suggests, this is a great year to be in the Bay Area—and one might even argue that it is one of the finest in the nation. Fortunately, that is not the whole story, though, for although I had a feeling that the artists in the show, at least in terms of style, were over-determined and over-tempered, I never felt the sort of passion that can be felt in this climate. Certainly the demand on art is hardly the most important one to many; certainly its depiction of an individual experience is important, but where is the necessity for its representation?The painters at the core of the show are William Wilson, Jerry Canseco, Paul Weier, Andy Warhol, and George Tsutakawa.

Result #2

. I dont know why I dont give up painting, but there is no place to go with my contradictions. T. J. Clark has made a pretty serious claim that if todays painting is not bad, as Robert Ryman once said, it is because that isnt enough.I have no real need to defend Clyfford Still, though. Theres a lot of repetition, and there is a lot of familiar familiar imagery—men in suits, buildings, planes, automobiles, etc.

Result #3

, but the fuck out of it. Theyre being idiots and I am the one who is being stupid and being informed about it. It may be that I am not really being stupid enough, but I certainly know that people who are and dont give a damn about these things can be just as stupid as they seem and I wonder what that same class stupidity is all about.

Result #4

in your face, because it thinks it has something to do with humans and that they are the chosen people of a world that is becoming increasingly remote from us. Theres no way of knowing whether we are meant to feel sorry for the art or not.

Result #5

. I dont really like to fart in public places, but its like being a bad person in public places. Its no longer tolerable. I dont think that its necessarily bad to fart in public places. In fact, when I used to go to the gallery and see the shit of garbage, I didnt mind it too much. If a garbage dump isnt a place where we can hang out, and it looks like shit, or if weve never met a garbage person whose state of mind is not one of disgust but of apathy, or if weve never met someone whose state of mind is not one of boredom but of compassion, then weve got to assume that shit isnt art. I do like to think that shit is art, but thats not why we should look at shit in public places.I dont like to think that art is bad and it makes me want to fart. I dont really like to see shit in public places. Its just not good. Theres no form to fuck with, just a group of hung-up garbage bags. You dont know what youre missing out there.In a way, shit is a way to generate opportunities for people to be bad and to shit. Not all of the shit shit I see is bad, but most of it is. When I saw the shit of garbage in this show I was more sympathetic than I was angry. I liked the humor in the shit. I liked the chance to be a part of a social environment where shit was enjoyable. And there was a lot of opportunity for shit to fuck with.

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