I made a painting of myself as a kid playing with my toys with my dad and mum on a summer day of 2005 in a park.

Result #1

That was almost twenty years ago. So I suppose its fair to say that what this show represents is not so much a retrospective but a parallel to the work of a younger artist whose career has long followed the same trajectory as that of his forebears. The irony is that this show seems to have addressed the question of how to maintain a legacy. What happens when a younger artist attempts a retrospective after youve had years to look at her work? A large part of this show was devoted to the idea of a young artist with a few years on her hand who, like Man Ray, uses the medium of photography to make us forget that we are looking at works made by the artist. Theres a few that are just great. But this show was about making us forget about them. Theres a show that is about being young and making us forget. But, as the artist herself puts it, Im not trying to make you forget.Theres nothing that really matters to me in retrospect; Im trying to make the past, to be young and to be young again, the way I feel. Thats what I do. I make art for a living. This show was a good show. It was something to look forward to.

Result #2

I have always found it difficult to paint in public places, to be photographed, but this time I was able to enjoy the images and their presence at a later date. In this painting I can see myself, as a kid, surrounded by my toys, a light that makes the viewer visible. It is as if the real me were a little boy who wanted to be seen. I see myself as an adult who has become an adolescent. This was also true for the other works in the show, which in fact all came from the artists own studio. One of these was a memento (my own) of the artists parents who died in a car accident. This image was hung on the wall in a room of its own. It was also covered in a heavy green fabric with a carved pattern. The pattern of the car is carved from a tree trunk, and on the front of the trunk is the name of the car, the year and the year of its accident. On the back of the trunk is the name of the person who was killed. These are the words of the artist who leaves us a will. This will was the first work that I have made, the artists will. I hope that the other artists will take this art and give it a new meaning and that it will also be possible to use it for something else. Thats why I made this painting. This is what art is for me. Its something I use as a way to create my art.

Result #3

I made a painting of myself as a kid playing with my toys with my dad and mum on a summer day of 2005 in a park. It was beautiful. Then I saw the Internet, which led me to a teenage girl on Tumblr who was writing about the same experience of innocence and the desire to be the next big thing. I decided to collaborate with her, and we created a video together. It was really a collaboration between myself and her, and we both had the same intention of creating an art that would have a strong effect on her life and her life in general. Thats when I first saw the work of her on Tumblr and I remember thinking, I can do this!Thats when I got the idea for Painting with a Broken Heart, which was the result of a collaboration with Richard Haynes, who has also made paintings based on his experiences with suicide. I saw it on the subway and I thought, You know, Im a big artist. I want to be the best, and I dont want to be the best artist. Thats when I first saw it. I found a teenage girl on Tumblr, a suicide. I knew I was a big artist, and I knew how to use social media and how to represent myself. I found a way to communicate with her and I just wanted to make paintings with her. And I was a really good painter. I knew the message would be good and I could do it.When I first started to make paintings, it was so easy. I could paint a suicide, and it would be a really good picture. I could make a painting of a suicide and it would be really cute. It was really easy. When I got the idea for Painting with a Broken Heart, I had no idea what I was doing. The paintings I did, I knew how to do, and theres no way I could have done them better. I couldnt express the loneliness and loneliness that I felt. It was really difficult. It was difficult for me to paint in a way that was accessible and direct.

Result #4

And that I can do it. Im a good painter, and Im not going to be ashamed of it. And I like it. So you dont have to be a connoisseur to find something in it.

Result #5

I made a painting of myself as a kid playing with my toys with my dad and mum on a summer day of 2005 in a park. It was a mistake, though, since the photographer, while posing in front of a huge photograph of the park, could not see the painting. For her part, the artist covered the surface with a white, gessoed canvas so that the landscape was blurred by the title—a portentous admission that, in this case, made it easier for viewers to imagine the work as a portrait of a kid who had made a mistake. The couple of women who accompanied him were similarly uninformed, and one of them, a woman with long black hair, was wearing a woolly hat—another sign that the mistake might be real. I wonder what that mistake is, but one wonders if it is a mistake at all.In any case, it is not a mistake to make art, and its no mistake to make mistakes. For this reason, the very idea of an artist doing art is a mistake. But does this mean that art is somehow a mistake? This show, which was curated by four young artists, consists of works made by artists who seem not to have had the same degree of exposure to the problem of making art as the artists on view.The two most successful works in this show were by artists who, like Rosenquist, also made mistakes: a 2002 video by the L.A.–based artist Emma Hayes, in which she edited together a series of close-up shots of herself as a bunch of children playing with a ball, and a 2003 video by the Mexican-born painter José Martínez, whose work explores the implications of a body without organs. His work is clearly less concerned with making mistakes than with exposing the difference between the boundaries between the real and the imagined. But I think that is a mistake. Even the footage is captured in the middle of the frame, and it is possible to miss the action.

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